Monday, November 14, 2016

Characteristics and types of quartz countertops

Stone quartzcountertops mainly composed of silicon dioxide, hardness, quartz stone in the market for quartz crystals and synthetic resin, usually quartz content is about 93%. So its very few chances to break and more wear resistant. Quartz resin high content, hardness of the surface is low, it is easy to scratch. When you buy, you can use the knife on the table, like trying to draw.

To maximize incomes, some manufacturers will be in stone quartz countertops doped material with calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate easy and acid reacts if you buy this table, used later in the table are easy to change. Therefore, when you buy a template, it will be soaked in a dilute hydrochloric acid or other acidic liquids, if the products contain calcium carbonate, it reacts with the acid.

Fine quartz stone surface plate of internal quality structure of the same density and uniform, low water absorption, penetration resistance is strong and the production equipment and technology behind the products, quartz stone is usually limited The appearance appears almost, and the internal structure is loose and porous, weak resistance to penetration, strong water absorption and soil permeability. Look, in the quartz soy sauce stone countertops can be checked to see if bleeding, bleeding the day of poor quality quartz stone countertop 1, quality is not.

The current furniture - in the home or the office - forms a substantial part of the current habitat. Together with the ergonomic factor (the dimensions of the human body in relation to its working environment) and the increasingly aseptic conception of the rooms are the three determinants of the current design. To meet these conceptual requirements, designers are looking for the most suitable materials. That is precisely what has happened with those that are usually used for the elaboration of floors, counters, countertops and other coverings of environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. Traditional stainless steel, marble and granite lined with traditional melamine or PVC-lined agglomerate boards, which have already been in place for decades, are now in full force. And these materials came out, for several years, a competitor of great category: the quartz. 

Quartz or granite is a choice that many face when we talk about kitchen countertops. If you think about choosing a beautiful, durable material for many years, these are two good options. Obviously, if you are looking for something low-priced, do not even think about it. Go directly to the laminated countertops, because the artificial acrylic stone is not cheap as neither is the granite.

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