Monday, November 14, 2016

How to take better care of your kitchen countertops

Find out what are the best materials for your kitchen countertops and check the list of "enemies" that could ruin them. In addition to being a fundamental part of the aesthetics of your kitchen, the allowances must be impeccable, since there you prepare the food of your whole family! Check these tips to know the main materials of the countertops and how to take care of them in the best way. Beyond the material from which the worktops are made, there are some cleaning products and items that you should avoid. Some of the best cleansers are already in your home: baking soda, lemon and distilled white vinegar. Even toothpaste can work as a cleanser, said Robin Wilson, one of the pioneers of the eco-friendly movement, founder of design company Robin Wilson Home and author. Of course, make sure that the natural cleanser you prepare is fit for the material of your allowance. Ammonia, bleach and other potent chemicals are enemies of wood, marble and other surfaces, said the expert. Sponges Use them carefully, as they can house germs and spread them. If you use them, try to replace them once a month. It is best to review the surfaces of your kitchen with microfiber cloths, which clean very well and can be reused (unlike paper). click here to know more about  quartz countertops in md.

A blogger shares his five allied strategies to turn cleaning into a manageable task.  We have created the following list of tasks, divided by room, to help you organize yourself. Let's do it. Which surface to choose? Now that you know the tips to clean and take care of your countertops, discover the ideal material for your kitchen. According to Wilson, it would be the best option since, although it looks like granite, it does not have the cracks that appear in this material, which requires less maintenance. In addition, it is resistant to scratches, stains and acid products. It is a surface that is not porous, so it is usually durable, easy to clean and antibacterial. Its biggest disadvantage is that the edges can break, and you'll need a professional to repair the damage, reports Consumer Reports. To avoid this problem, you could choose a rounded allowance.
Each block of this natural material is unique. Also in this case, the edges may break. In addition, Wilson explained that you must seal it regularly, following the manufacturer's instructions. Otherwise, natural fissures can absorb liquids from your kitchen (like meat juice) and bacteria could multiply. It is much less expensive than the other alternatives and is easy to install. In addition, it is very beautiful, thanks to the new technologies of printing and to the decorative borders that are used. Keep in mind that you cannot use a knife directly on this surface, because the damage could be permanent.

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